Oakland Data Transformer

The Oakland Data Transformer represents a new generation in advanced data transformation tooling. It captures and stores all required information about specifications, sample data, and mapping requirements so that maps can be constructed quickly and accurately and more importantly maintained over the years. An automated regression test capability and seamless specification version upgrades handle the most sophisticated requirements.

It supports viewing and manipulation of XML, Java objects, EDI, database and flat file (including COBOL) specifications and the translation of instance documents using mapping rules.

To get started, you can install this into your Eclipse installation following the installation instructions


  • Mapping to/from XML, Java (POJO), EDI, flat/COBOL (delimited/positional, character or binary), and database;
  • Unique easy to use tree-based mapping expressions;
  • Suitable for use by non-technical personnel, like a business analyst;
  • Instant access to mapping test results at any element level;
  • Full inbound and outbound document validation;
  • Rich mapping function library;
  • Advanced and easy to use looping handles very complex translations;
  • Ability to call any Java or XPath functions;
  • Multiple documents in and out; and
  • Ability to execute multiple maps in sequence to handle very complex transformations.

Structure Editing

  • Shows an example instance document alongside the message, highlighting the selected element;
  • Structure inheritance allows seamless version migration and easy creation of custom implementations;
  • Produces a structure diagram at any level of detail;
  • Fully captures the semantics of EDI, XML, Database and Flat files with complete documentation and validation rules;
  • Expresses the semantics of the message elements with no need to understand the details of XML Schema; and
  • Structure definitions can be created using a map, very useful for importing non-standard specifications.


  • ESB Integration: Apache Camel, OSGi Blueprint, Apache Karaf, Mule ESB>
  • Runtime executable as a command or through a Java API with one JAR file;
  • Standards-based, pluggable, high-performance X/Query execution engine;
  • Pluggable code generation, so alternate execution engines are possible; and
  • Command line interface for scripting.

General Designer Features

  • Developed on Eclipse® platform;
  • Supports tabbed viewing of multiple active and visible windows, allowing browser-style forward/back navigation between them;
  • Complete undo/redo capability when editing;
  • Comprehensive search capability;
  • Complete on-line help; and
  • Available on Windows, Linux and the Mac.