Oakland Data Transformer - EDI

The mapper supports X12 and EDIFACT EDI.

EDI definitions can be imported using the Edifecs Guideline XML (gXML) format. Importing SEF and XLATE (EDF) formats are coming soon.

All of the descriptive text and validation rules are captured through the EDI import so the person doing the mapping can easily get all of the information they need about how to use a particular element. The X12 EDI style of syntax validation rules (e.g. P0102) is fully supported.

The mapper has the general capability of validating against the structure definition for both input and output documents. This is particularly useful to make sure you are producing valid EDI.

The editing of an X12 EDI document. The method of naming the EDI loops, segments and elements reflects our customers wish of ease of use and maximizes the ability to do migration between different versions of the standard.

Code values for EDI are handled as elements in the structure editor. These are kept in a separate structure so they may be shared.

Here is where you put the EDI delimiters that are used for outbound EDI.