Oakland Data Transformer - Flat and COBOL

Flat file support is accomplished by specification of initiator and terminator values for elements. This combined with the capability of having non-visible elements and elements that group other elements in a sequence or choice provides very powerful support for delimited documents.

Support for positional documents is a simply a special case of considering the total length of a field, and allowing the optional specification of an offset between fields.

A sample CSV file can be imported to create a delimited definition. Automatic handling for the issues associated with quoted strings in CSV files is provided.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of flat file support is that you can view a sample document and have the fields in the document be highlighted in real time as you are defining the structure elements. This allows you to very quickly define a structure for any flat file.

COBOL copybooks can be imported to generate structure definitions.

Full support for EBCDIC and binary COBOL files are provided, along with the all of the COBOL data types required for mainframe interoperability.

Here is a COBOL positional file with a column corresponding to an element shown highlighted.