Oakland Data Transformer - Roadmap

The Oakland Data Transformer has functionality releases approximately twice per year. Here are some of the significant features planned for the 1H2012 release. If you have requests for new features, please let us know at support@oaklandsoftware.com.

  1. Scripted execution of automated map tests - These can be executed using Ant or Maven.
  2. Command editing and runtime tools - Execute maps using a command and support for editing of structures and maps using commands so that scripting is possible.
  3. Graphical comparison of structures and maps, allows merging and conflict resolution between different versions of a structure or map when used in conjunction with a source control system.
  4. Mule ESB-specific features:
    1. Support for multiple input sources when executing a component or transformer through the Mule configuration.
    2. Direct support for collections as top level inputs or outputs.